Welcome to my Compilation of Memories

I am creating this website for the purpose of being able to enjoy so many wonderful memories of my dear husband, Albert Scott, my four beautiful daughters, Erin Kathleen, Shannon Christine, Lauren Suzanne and Landra Colleen, and my five incredible grandchildren, Clinton Stuart, Spencer John Scott, Stella Johanna, Wren Sophia and Asher James Clark.

I have been blessed to share many holidays and special occasions with them, and what a joy it has been to live in the same house with Landra, Jeff, Spencer and Asher for so many of these “golden years”.

I have travelled much, and for the past several years have spent the winters in the Dominican Republic, first, thanks to Lauren for buying me that first flight, and then to my beloved brother, Garry, and sister-in-law, Jo-Ann, who have made it financially feasible for me to do it.

About Me

I was born on December 12, 1944 in Toronto, Ontario.

At the age of 27 I became a born again Christian, and was a member of the Salvation Army for over 30 years. My beliefs are not based on any church doctrine, but on the example of Jesus Christ.

My interests have included carpentry, mechanics, motorcycles, photography and website creation. I am a retired Radiological Technologist (X-Ray Tech), a profession that I highly recommend. I loved it.

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